Our lab strives to make a positive impact on humanity by addressing important issues with bold and innovative thinking. We prioritize high ethical and inclusive standards and value diverse backgrounds, approaches, and thoughts.

Expectations of Postdocs

At our lab, we value a supportive and collaborative environment, where postdoctoral colleagues are encouraged to build strong relationships with their team members. We look for individuals who possess inquisitive minds and critical thinking skills, who are not afraid to tackle complex questions, and who are ambitious yet humble enough to take pride in the success of others. We seek postdocs who are communicative and eager to learn the skills that are essential to succeed in the scientific community, while also sharing their own expertise with the lab. Although postdocs will have their own projects, they are expected to support one another in their research endeavors, attending scientific conferences, giving presentations, and openly communicating their concerns and asking for guidance when needed.

Expectations of Graduate Students

We seek graduate students who are passionate about exploring new areas of science and approach our lab with an open mind. We value an eagerness to learn from both successful and unsuccessful experiments, as we believe that failures can be just as informative as successes. Graduate students will be responsible for their own research projects, with support and guidance from postdoctoral colleagues. We encourage students to attend scientific conferences and develop their presentation skills at all levels. Asking questions and seeking guidance is an essential aspect of scientific training. We expect graduate students to communicate their concerns openly and ask for help when needed, as this is a key to achieving success in our lab.

Expectations of PI

As your supervisor, I am committed to supporting your career growth and development from the moment you consider joining our lab, throughout your tenure, and even after you leave to pursue new opportunities. I value open communication and appreciate feedback, as it helps me to continually improve my role as a PI. My door is always open, and I am available to provide guidance and support whenever you need it. However, I also expect you to communicate with me when you require my input. I prioritize the well-being of all members of my laboratory, and I am committed to supporting your personal and professional growth. Please know that I am invested in your success, and I will work with you to help you achieve your goals.